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Understanding the CC&Rs When Buying a Home in a HOA Community

The Details You Should Know If you’re buying a home in a HOA community there are a lot of rules and regulations along with rewards and responsibilities. When I say there are a lot of terms and abbreviations we use in the Real Estate industry, this is why. The HOA has CC&R’s in the CIC... An HOA is a homeowners association and the CC&Rs are the condition, covenants and restrictions. and is...

Market Value vs Assessed Value of Your Home

Why it's Important for Home Sellers to Know the Difference If you're wondering what your current home value is than make sure not to confuse it with your assessed value. The main difference between the Market value vs Assessed value has to deal with taxes. The market value is the agreed upon value that an informed buyer and seller agree upon. The assessed value is dollar amount a tax assessor assigns...

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