Selling Your Home and Moving Out of State: 6 Tips to Streamline the Process

Home seller tips when you’re ready for the big move.

Sometimes selling your home to move to another state can be a a big life decision, add things like “new job” and “moving to another city” to the mix, and suddenly the excitement you felt when you got the job or made the choice to move gets real. When you move long distance, you don’t always have months ahead to plan and schedule your move. Sometimes you only have a few short weeks to pack, stage, and sell your home. So how do you sell your home for the most value and quickly before you move long distance?

In order to get through it and make a successful sale, you’re going to need an all-star team. Here, we’ll cover how to guarantee they can get the job done. We’ll also walk you through some things you can do to minimize the back-and-forth — so that your local team can wrap up your old life while you focus on building a new one.

1. Hire a real estate agent who can handle the distance

Your former city probably has a lot of qualified real estate agents to choose from, but you should be especially particular when hiring someone to handle an out-of-state sale. Your listing agent should be experienced in coordinating with clients remotely, and able to make a fast sale on your home so that it doesn’t just sit on the market. Being tech saavy and able to work over the computer or phone will be crucial.

A lot of sellers look for the agent who’s listed the most properties but finding the agent who has done the most buyer-side sales is a hidden gem because have a ton of buyer contacts and can get your listing sold the fastest. There’s always different perspectives.

You should also make sure your listing agent is someone you can trust to be honest and responsive — who will keep you up to date on what’s happening and will respond to your emails or messages in ample time.

2. No time for a traditional listing? Sell your house instantly to a cash buyer.

Contacting a cash buyer can be the right solution if you want to sell a home quick before moving to another state. You can sell your house fast within 10–14 days.

The availability of cash speeds up the process. Furthermore, some cash buyers buy as-is which means you don’t have to worry about repairs or last-minute renovation requests. You can focus on your move without stressing about the sale.

Curious to get started? Just head over to our home valuation form to get started at our website Home Valuation Request.

3. Get a head: start on home prep and packing.

A week, a month, or six-month timeframe makes a huge difference in the outcome of your home sale. The extent of home preparations, the price you list your home for and the overall marketing strategy for your home sale correspond with how much time you have. If the traditional home sale is the best fit for your situation, start making a game plan for the tasks your agent’s deemed essential and move accordingly.

Skip the DIY and hire professionals.

Sure, everyone knows you can mow the lawn yourself and deep clean just as well as the next person. But when you’re on a time crunch due to job relocation, it’s not the place to take on extra projects to save a few bucks. Call up your local painterscleanerslandscapers, and movers to get the show on the road.

Start packing… yesterday.

You’ve got a lot of stuff, so what are you waiting for? As soon as your boss says the word, start packing up your house. It takes the average person about 3–5 days to pack up a 3-bedroom house, but always budget more time than you think you’ll need.

4. Be realistic about pricing the house to sell fast.

The current real estate market trends in your area determine how quickly your home will sell and what price it will sell for. With your real estate agent’s comparative market analysis (CMA or Comp report) you can get a better idea of where you’ll need to price your house in order for it to sell fast.

The agent should be going over what the market looks like and set the expectation up front. In a market where prices are dropping, then you need to be significantly lower if you want to sell your home fast because that’s how you’re going to stand out. Relocating for work puts a time constraint on your home sale, so to sell your house fast, you’ll probably have to price it below what other homes are selling for. If you price your home right, you stand to sell it faster and make more money than you would if it were overpriced. In the current market it is still a strong sellers market throughout the country as I write this, so as long as pricing is right, finding buyers shouldn’t be an issue.

5. Calculate how much you can afford to spend on your next house.

With your house on the market, you can start thinking about the next steps when you relocate for work. If you plan on staying in your new location for a long period of time, it might be a wise choice to put the proceeds of your home sale towards another home.

Here’s how to figure out your financial status post-relocation and how much you can afford for your next home:

First, find out how much your current home is worth.
Your home’s market value is determined based on the comparable homes that have recently sold in your area. A real estate agent can provide market insight to show you about how much your home will sell for. As a starting point, you can use Home Value Estimator to get a ballpark figure.

Calculate your home sale proceeds.
Once you know the ballpark amount of how much your home is worth, you can determine how much you’ll walk away with at the close of the sale.

Subtract the following costs from your estimated home value to determine your home sale proceeds:

  • Your real estate agent’s commission (typically 6% of the sale price)
  • Attorney fees (depending on which state your moving)
  • Taxes
  • Local fees (like HOAs)
  • The remaining balance on your mortgage
  • The remaining balance is your approximate home sale profit.

Weigh the cost of living and home prices in your new city.
If you relocate to San Francisco from Lincoln, Nebraska, the cost variations will shock you and your bank account. With an average home sale price difference of nearly $800,000, you’ll find yourself trading in a mansion for a studio apartment.

As you plan your relocation, be realistic with your goals according to the cost of living in your new city.

6. Consider a Rent Back

You can negotiate a deal to live in the house once you have sold it. It’s a called a rent-back when you sell the home, but occupy the place as a new tenant. Of course, you’ll need to pay the rent, but you don’t have to leave the premises sooner. You can wait for the day to come and move out without stressing about the sale. The new homeowner will take over the property. It’s a good idea if you’re planning to buy a new house after you have moved out, and you need to free up cash locked in your current home.

Plan Carefully, and Expect to Overcome Challenges

Relocating to another state is “expensive.” You start incurring expenses as soon as you plan about listing your home. Before you sell your home, you should have realistic expectations and work with someone that can communicate effectively through the process and make you comfortable about your decision to sell your home and move to another state. Las Vegas, Nevada where I am located, has a population that is filled with people from other places and sometimes those people want to go back home or on to another location. So if you need help in Las Vegas, Nevada make sure to reach out if you have any questions. We’d be happy to help you at

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