What is EMD? How much is it and how you can protect it.

Another Las Vegas guide for protecting your money or losing it all. EMD is short for Earnest Money Deposit also known as the good faith deposit but it doesn't have to be something you gamble. The Nevada Law and Reference Guide says “Earnest money is not consideration - it is an inducement to negotiate. Earnest money is presented with an offer to indicate the genuineness of the offer.” So what this...

Buy Down Programs Helping Homebuyers Lower Their Home Payment

A Home Buying Strategy For High Interest Rate Markets It’s no secret the F.E.D. (Federal Reserve) is raising interest rates to slow inflation and buyers in the real estate market are feeling the squeeze in the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2022. The same $400,000 home now comes with a $2800 dollar payment instead of a $2000 payment and in some instances its causing many first time homebuyers to consider...

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